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Tamara Ivanovna Yegorova was born in 1925, in Odessa. In 1944-1947 she studied at Odessa Art School (now it is Grekov Odessa Art School). Her teachers were L. E. Muchnik and P. S. Kanovskiy. From 1947 to 1954 she studied at Kyiv State Art Institute in the department of easel painting (the teachers are T. N. Yablonska, A. A. Shovkunenko, V. N. Kostetskiy). Since 1954 she has been a member of Artists’ Union of Ukraine. She was a participant in local, regional, republican, national and foreign exhibitions. Her works (pictures, portraits, landscapes and still lifes) are to see in museums of Ukraine and Russia, and also in mane private collections in Ukraine and abroad.

Winter in Gorki
Yegorova Tamara
Gallery «Yelisavetgrad»
Kirovograd, Pashutinskaya st. 36
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