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Vitaliy Alekseevich Baranenko was born in 1965 in Poltava region, not far from Lubni city. In 1991 he finished Kharkiv Art School. In 1997 he graduated from Kharkiv Institute of Arts and Industry (now it is Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts). He studied under such famous painters as B. A. Kolesnik, A. M. Konstantinopolskiy, A. V. Martyinets, E. F. Zherdzitskiy. Studying at the institute he participated in many regional exhibitions. Nowadays the painter lives and works in Kharkiv region.

1994 – Christmas exhibition in Kyiv
1996 – exhibition in Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts
1997 – All-Ukrainian spring exhibition in Kyiv
1997, July-August – one-man show in a Lublin picture gallery
1998, May – one-man show in the gallery «Grifon» in Kyiv
1999, January-February – one-man show in a municipal gallery in Bergamo (Italy)
2008, June –exhibition, dedicated to the anniversary of P. Kalnishevskiy in the village Pustovoytovka and Romni city
2008, September – Fund «Cultural heritage», Stoliv (Montenegro)
2009, February – one-man show in a city Museum of regional studies in Akhtirka
2009, April – one-man show in a city Museum of Art in Lebedin
2009, May-June – one-man show in the Picture gallery in Lubni
2010, January-February – exhibition «At the turn of the century» in the Russian exhibition centre «Central Artist’s House» in Moscow

Baranenko Vitaliy
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Baranenko Vitaliy
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