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Peter Pavlovych Ossowskij was born in 1925 in Malaya Vyska, Kirovograd region. He is a People's Artist of the USSR, an Actual Member of the Soviet Academy of Arts. He was awarded a silver medal of the Soviet Academy of Arts. In 1950 he graduated from Moscow State Art Institute named after Surikov, the studio of professor Gerasimov. He is one of the founders of "a severe style " - flow appeared in the domestic arts in the early 1960s . His personal exhibitions were held in Moscow (1964 , 1978, 1983, 1985 , 1996 ) , St. Petersburg (2006) , Poland (1965 ), Italy ( 1966) , Czech Republic (1975 ), Finland ( 1984) , Germany (1987 ), Spain ( 1992) . His works are kept in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum and other major art museums. 

Gallery «Yelisavetgrad»
Kirovograd, Pashutinskaya st. 36
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